How does Maharashtra Foundation work with NGO partners in India?

Maharashtra Foundation makes careful selection of projects and non-profit partners working at the grassroots level and provides financial assistance and technical support through linkages. The progress is monitored periodically and future installments are disbursed on the basis of satisfactory progress.

What proportion of funds that are raised actually reaches to the NGOs?

Today, 95% of the funds raised reach to the NGO partners for various projects and activities undertaken by them. Only 5% of the total funds raised are spent on administrative and fund raising costs. 5% of the amount is deducted from all the donations.

How can I support Maharashtra Foundation’s work?

You can support Maharashtra Foundation’s work by contributing to the endowment fund, donating to sponsored projects, or donating to the charity of your choice. You can also help organize events, awareness meetings, and fund raisers in your area. The contributions to Maharashtra Foundation are exempt from tax under the extent as mentioned in the IRS rules.

Please send your check payable to Maharashtra Foundation and mail it to:

Maharashtra Foundation
P.O. Box 2287
Church Street Station
New York NY 10008

Acknowledgement receipts and the disbursements are processed on a monthly basis.

What happens after the donor sends funds to Maharashtra Foundation?

We deposit funds in our account as soon as we receive them. The funds are then disbursed once a month to the organization identified by the donor. If the donor has not identified a receiving organization but has identified a cause supported by Maharashtra Foundation’s project, the funds are then allocated for a specific project and disbursed as per the timeline established for that project. In respect of the Foundation sponsored projects, the funds are disbursed in installments in order to ensure their accountability. The future installments are disbursed on receipt of the progress report of the project activities. The partner organizations are encouraged to share their difficulties and achievements at predetermined intervals. The Foundation also assists the NGOs by providing linkages, networking opportunities, and technical assistance. The Foundation deducts 5% of the total donation amount from all the donations given to donor’s choice charity to meet the administrative costs.

What types of projects does Maharashtra Foundation support?

Maharashtra Foundation supports projects and activities in Education, Health, Economic Empowerment, Environment and Women’s Empowerment. The Foundation also gets involved in emergency relief and assistance work whenever natural disasters strike in India as well as the United State. One-Village-One-Computer (IT for Social Change), Bharat Vaidya (Barefoot Doctors), Child Sponsorship, Annual Awards for Progressive Literature and Social Services are some of Maharashtra Foundation’s flagship projects. In the United States, the Maharashtra Foundation has extended support to programs such as Meals on the Wheels, MAYTRIN (Empowerment through dialogue), and the Carter Foundation.

Does the Foundation work only in Maharashtra?

Though the concentration of Foundation’s work is in Maharashtra State, it has been supporting projects in Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Rajasthan and the United States.

What are Maharashtra Foundation's achievements so far?

Founded in 1978 by like-minded Maharashtrian people, the Maharashtra Foundation has so far disbursed US$ 15 Million contributed by more than 25,400 generous donors. About 500 non-profit organizations in India are supported by the foundation over the past 41+ years.

How does one seek funding support from the Maharashtra Foundation?

NGOs with good track record of performance and transparent financial management are encouraged to submit their project proposals for receiving funding from the Maharashtra Foundation. The proposals are received and reviewed by Maharashtra Foundation round the year. The overall goal of the proposed projects / activities should be “enhancement in the quality of life of the poor and vulnerable people” and the solutions proposed in the proposal should make a long term impact in addressing the challenge of poverty and bringing a long term self-sustainable economic change in the community. NGOs seeking assistance should submit the Grant Application (available on the Foundation’s website) and attach a brief (not more than 4 typed pages) proposal along with a budget (one page). If the proposal meets Maharashtra Foundation’s selection criteria (current program focus and legal requirements) the NGO is notified of Maharashtra Foundation’s decision or next steps in the process within a reasonable period of time. NGOs receiving funding from Maharashtra Foundation must complete a Memorandum of Understanding and provide necessary information before funds can be disbursed in tranches.  All tranches are contingent on satisfactory progress of the project, which must be detailed in the progress report. The NGO is encouraged to share difficulties, if any, in achieving the expected outcomes to ensure openness and mutual understanding. Please visit Foundation’s website and you may submit the Grant Application online.

The Foundation prefers and encourages electronic communication. All the communications should be addressed to:

I want to do a company match for the donation. Where can I get non-profit 501(c)(3) certification for MF?

You can send the attached 501(c)(3) certificate for Maharashtra Foundation to your company.