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Maharashtra Foundation’s Progressive literature and Social Service Awards

Maharashtra has been at the forefront of progressive thinking. It has given leadership to the rest of India in fighting evil social customs, superstitions, relegated social status of women, caste and class based discrimination and such other social practices. It is always an uphill battle to promote social reform. All great people from Sant Dnyaneshwar, Sant Tukaram to Mahatma Phule and Maharshi Karve had to endure hardship to uplift the downtrodden. Changing social mindset is very difficult. Maharashtra Foundation has recognized this. The journalists and writers contribute a great deal in the progress of the society. To recognize the works of these progressive writers, Maharashtra Foundation started “Progressive Literature Awards“ in 1994. In order to encourage and honor the social workers who swim against the current to bring about the change and Social Service Awards in 1996. These awards are given to the individuals and organizations working in the fields of health care, education, welfare and development of women and children.