Collaborating with the Climate Reality Project, we have undertaken an initiative to transform two schools in Kusumbi into environmentally conscious Green Campuses while introducing eco-friendly cooking solutions known as “nirdhur chul”.

Green Campus Transformation:

    1. Environmental Education: We are sensitizing school teachers about critical environmental issues to cultivate a culture of sustainability within the school community.
    2. Solar Energy: The installation of 3 KW solar panels is underway to harness clean energy, reducing the carbon footprint of these schools.
    3. Rainwater Harvesting: We are implementing a rainwater harvesting system to conserve precious water resources.
    4. Water Conservation: To minimize water wastage, we are replacing leaking taps with efficient push taps.Waste Management: On both campuses, we are introducing color-coded bins to facilitate waste segregation, along with the creation of a compost pit for the sustainable management of organic waste.

Eco-Friendly Chuls:

The introduction of eco-friendly Chuls is aimed at providing households with smoke-free stoves fueled by wood and charcoal, offering a safe, cost-effective, and sustainable alternative.

Climate Reality Project is helping in :

        1. Practical Training: Conducting hands-on training sessions to teach residents how to construct and use these eco-friendly Chuls effectively.
        2. Performance Testing: Conduct kitchen performance tests to highlight the differences between traditional stoves and the improved eco-friendly Chuls.
        3. Women’s Employment Model: Develop an employment model for women in the village, enabling them to offer installation services of the eco-friendly Chuls to village households for a reasonable fee. Kusumbi goal for Kusumbi is to have 100 households equipped with these eco-friendly Chuls, promoting cleaner and safer cooking practices while benefiting the environment and the local community.