Samavedana: Pune Neurosciences Trust and Research Society

MF Issue Area : Healthcare Provision

To improve the health status of the urban slum community of Pune through quality free primary healthcare, prevention and health education. A highlight of the proposal is the use of telemedicine to connect the clinic with a multi-specialty hospital, so the patient won’t need to travel to the hospital unless they need to for procedures. Their goals are to make primary healthcare available with least out of pocket expenses, make basic diagnostic services accessible to the patients, run specialty health camps in the community, promote proper healthcare and preventive education through community outreach, and contribute in the government’s mission to strengthen the public health system.

Resource and Support Center for Development (RSCD)

MF Issue Area : Women’s Empowerment

Sweeping reform of Indian government institutions has created space for women’s political inclusion at an unprecedented scale. One ¬third to half of all positions in Panchayats are now reserved for women. However, the political effectiveness of Elected Women Representatives’ (EWRs) is limited by their lack of political experience, information, and more generally by women’s marginal position in local political networks. EWRs on being elected often find themselves having to perform their duties in an information vacuum. RSCD proposes to develop and administer self-governance training and provide mentorship to EWRs in local government. These trainings will be conducted in Marathi, and will be made further accessible through distance learning.

Nari Samata Manch/Speak Out Now

MF Issue Area : Women’s Empowerment

In India, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) or Khatna is a custom practiced among the Dawoodi Bohras. Research on this is scant and dated. Speak Out Now is a collective that spontaneously grew as a result of sharing of personal experiences and trauma by women in the community. It is believed that a ban on FGM by the community would be one of the most effective ways to put an end to the practice amongst the Bohras not only in India but across the globe. This field study will provide background material to raise consciousness and build activism in the community.

Tathapi Trust: Let’s Talk Sexuality

MF Issue Area : Education

Police crime records show that the percentage of crimes on young women is growing and that the perpetrators are increasingly adolescent and young men. Along with existing traditional forms of violence, newer forms of violence include use of mobiles, and video cameras. There is an urgent need for widespread discussion among youth on values around sexuality, safety and violence, and help them learn what makes healthy relationships. Tathapi Trust is using social networking media and internet to create a platform for such dialogue They have launched a web portal called ‘’ where 90% of the content is in Marathi. This project addresses violence against young women in an innovative way by aiming to change the mindset of the youth.

HALO Medical Foundation

MF Issue Area : Healthcare Provision

India has a high prevalence of anemia, especially among women and adolescent girls. Anemia at a young age is associated with poor school performance, affects physical and psychological development and leads to long-term health consequences. If anemia in adolescent girls remains untreated, it may affect their future pregnancy and child health. This expansion project proposes to conduct free investigations and treatment for 250 adolescent girls from Osmanabad district of Maharashtra, India.

SIF/Sankalp Bore Well Recharge Project

MF Issue Area : Environment Protection

India is the highest consumer of underground water through bore wells and open wells in the world. In the next 10 years 60% of the underground water table will decrease in India. Once bore wells go dry, farmers are forced to depend mainly on monsoons for water. Rainwater harvesting is an environmentally sound method to give farmers access to high quality, soft water, while reducing soil erosion and flooding. This project proposes to harvest rainwater by fitting existing bore wells with recharge units.