NGO Partner Pragat Shikshan Sanstha (10K)

AtmaRaksha is an awareness program created to help individuals across age groups to deal with increasingly volatile social environment. This project is in partnership with Maharshi Vinod Siddhashram Sewa Mandal. A series of Self Awareness programs under the banner of AtmaRaksha are launched. Approximately 10000 students from150 schools and colleges will be covered under the program. ($8000)

Think Maharashtra

To build a platform to strengthen positive forces in society through networking and to channelize their energy to form pressure groups as required. Positive forces include individuals as well as organizations and both would be encouraged to participate in this platform. It may pave way to a cultural renaissance in Maharashtra. ($5000)


Pratham Book’s proposal to introduce reading enrichment books in Maharashtra schools. Equip 400 Maharashtra Foundation supported classrooms/schools with one library unit each. A library unit will contain 125 books in select Indian languages. ($10,000)

Envelop Punching Machine

This project will be done with NGO partner RS AKSHAR Institute, Wai. This is for providing training and rehabilitation of mentally retarded adults. The adults work in secured facility and produce medical packages. They can be trained to use the machines so the productivity will increase and they can earn more. ($3000)

Hearing Aid

The NGO Vijay Shikshan Sanstha will be the partner in this project. Behind The Ear (BTE) digital programmable hearing aids are required for the children to reduce the background noise. It also helps the children to understand the speech better. The cost is approximately $600 per student. Maharashtra Foundation will support 10 students. ($6000)

Fight Breast Cancer

Maina Foundation which is a 501 c (3) organization is partnering with Maharashtra Foundation. The aim is to provide funds to more cancer patient in Tata Memorial Hospital – to increase the no. of patients taken to Tata Memorial Hospital from 10 to 40. The cost is about $500 per patient. Maharashtra Foundation will provide partial funding. ($5000)

Janavikas Pratitsthan project

The project is mainly focused on Rural and Urban school dropout girls & boys. The budget is for 2 batches for 18 months and 40 candidates. Main aim of the program is to impart knowledge & skills of nursing assistant to the girls to get employment in various types of Nursing homes and hospitals. Maharashtra Foundation will provide partial funding. ($5000)

Youth Wellness Camp

The camp is in its 4th year. It takes place at Jnana Prabodhini, Harali, About 300 school children and vocational school students are examined – medical, dental examination. This is in partnership with Share and Care Foundation (USA). The medical doctors and volunteers offer their services. ($1000)

Patient Assistant course

This is a 10-month training program for the girls to become patient assistant. After the course these girls are able to earn Rs 5000-Rs 6000. Young ladies enter the program with hesitation and nervousness. But at the end of the completion, they are confident to go out and make earning. ($2050)