Pragati Abhiyan

Project – Rural Employment

MF Issue Area : Poverty Reduction

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To address rural poverty and lack of infrastructure for agriculture, the government of India formulated the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act – MNNREGA. It promises 100 days of unskilled manual work to each rural family, paid according to the minimum wage of that area. However, the residents of the poor, backward regions that the act is designed to help, are often unaware of its existence, and powerless to exercise their rights. Nashik district has 15 blocks with almost 50% tribal population. Pragati Abhiyan works in the most tribal parts of Nashik district (Igatpuri, Triambakeshwar, Peth and Surgana) to ensure the effective implementation of MNREGA, organizing tribal youth and helping communities’ avail of the benefits due to them. Pragati Abhiyan will implement this work by conducting training workshops for tribal communities, on government schemes that are embedded in the law, such as the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act and Right to Information Act. This will bring employment and livelihood to these areas in the form of infrastructure and natural resource management projects.