Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS)

Project – Prayas

MF Issue Area : Poverty reduction, Women’s Empowerment

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Most individuals processed by the criminal justice system are school dropouts, come from low socio-economic status, have weak family relationships, and/or possess very few marketable livelihood skills. Due to an expanding network of illegal contacts, reduced contact with family and community, and mental and emotional instability, many get pushed towards the margins, with increased vulnerability to crime and exploitation. Women living in custody and their children are in danger of getting further victimized or criminalized or fall into destitution or mental illness due to lack of stable shelter, social supports, and skills towards sustainable livelihoods. Prayas will target women rescued from commercial sexual exploitation in Mumbai and Thane and their children and families and released women prisoners. This project is aimed at developing their confidence and skills; stabilizing their shelter options; facilitating access to welfare schemes; and improving their social capital through family counseling, networking with the NGO sector, helping them develop employable skills, and establishing strong support systems to ensure that children are not neglected and victimized.

Website: www.tiss.edu/view/11/projects/prayas/