Project – Patient Assistant Nursing Program

MF Issue Area : Education, Women’s Empowerment, Poverty Reduction

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The Patient Assistant Nursing Program was started with the goal of strengthening women’s self-reliance, financial stability, providing vocational training opportunity and equip them to support their families. Given the opportunity, girls are hardworking and ready to rise up to the challenges and take control of their future. The course is designed to give tools and education, enabling these girls to get jobs at hospitals and in nursing careers to succeed in their lives. Not all girls from rural areas are able to travel to Pune for the duration of 1 year. Many families are reluctant to let girls travel. As a result, Swa-Roopawardhini decided to bring the training program to villages and offer safe housing for girls. In the village of Male they have started a girls’ hostel where girls from nearby Adivasi villages and the Konkan can come and stay and complete the course.