Society For Rural Health And Development Project (SRHDP)

Project – Livelihood for marginalized women

MF Issue Area : Women’s Empowerment

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SRHDP works with the people and families who are socially marginalized, economically deprived, educationally backward and from culturally conservative rural and tribal communities. This project aims to provide sustained work and income for women and mothers living with HIV/AIDS, former bonded laborers, and mothers of disabled children in 10 villages in Salem district of Tamil Nadu. SRHDP has mobilized women’s self help groups to set up these women in income generating activities like garment making, vegetable and fruit vending, mini tiffin making, and boiled and raw rice vending.

Women will form their own revolving fund management committee, elect office bearers, have their own rules and regulations, official records and documentation to administer the funds. They will collect repayments, revolve the funds among their group members and ensure reaching more women through this project in a continual manner. This project will create a permanent structure for women to avail of income generation activities at the grassroots level.