Project – English Literate Maharashtra

MF Issue Area : Education

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LeapForWord believes that large-scale social change will not happen by enforcing equality, but rather by providing equal opportunity to all. LeapForWord believes that “English is the great leveler” and aims to ensure that students from underserved communities can access any opportunity that they were previously deprived of due to a lack of English skills. LeapForWord has designed an innovative methodology to teach English to students for whom English is not a first language. Working in Nashik, as well as rural areas like Kalwan, Nandurbar, Taloda and Ghodegaon, LeapForWord trains and certifies existing teachers from underserved communities in this unique system to teach English to children who are not exposed to English at home or anywhere in their lives. The current project aims to expand their work to Aurangabad district. The founder, Pranil Naik, has been awarded the prestigious Ashoka Fellowship for his pioneering work in this area.