Rural Organization for Social Education (ROSE)

Project – Education for Dyslexic Children

MF Issue Area : Education

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ROSE has been working among disabled children in 10 rural villages in Kurinjipadi Taluka of Cuddalore district in Tamil Nadu. Through educational activities, ROSE identified 153 students in 10 schools suffering from the learning disorder dyslexia. These dyslexic children are from illiterate parents, dalit communities, destitute families, widows, underserved people, and families headed by single women. Dyslexia is a learning disability that is estimated to affect 10 per cent of school-going children. It causes difficulty with reading and can also impact math, spelling and writing. ROSE proposes to create awareness about dyslexia, prepare appropriate educational materials, assist these students financially by paying their tuition fees and providing uniforms, and provide opportunities for the overall development and building the self confidence of these children.