Pioneer Medical Research Foundation and MAHAN Trust

Project – Decrease in Maternal and Neonatal Mortality

MF Issue Area : Healthcare

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In the tribal region of Melghat, neonatal mortality related to respiratory distress and mortality related to pneumonia is extremely high. Maternal mortality related to high-risk pregnancies is also very high. Pioneer Medical Research Foundation and MAHAN Trust works with mothers and babies in this region, addressing this urgent problem. They hope to achieve this by involving mothers and the family in the care of their babies, promoting Kangaroo Mother care, providing equipment and education to triage, treat, or transfer newborns in need especially with pneumonia, and providing tools to identify high risk pregnancies and provide early referral or specialist care.

The approach includes training traditional birth attendants to identify high-risk pregnancies as well as training mothers to take prenatal iron and vitamin supplements, document nutritional intake, and identify and notify signs of sickness in babies.