Damini Darubandi Abhiyan

Project – Darubandi

MF Issue Area : Women’s Empowerment

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The district of Beed in Marathwada is an underdeveloped rural belt of Maharashtra where agriculture is on the decline, making a living is very hard and alcoholism is rampant, leading to domestic violence and child abuse. The police do not take actionand there is no effective implementation of laws against sale of illegal liquor. Damini Darubandi Abhiyan attempts to address this problem through strengthening the power of women to prevent the operation of liquor shops where men spend all their money. Damini’s approach includes building awareness among the youth about alcoholism and building pressure on the government for effective implementation of legislation. Damini aims to train women in these acts and laws and work with the police to conduct raids on liquor shops, while providing support systems for women in the form of handling domestic violence cases.