Janvikas Pratishthan

Project – Aakanksha

MF Issue Area : Women’s Empowerment

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Janvikas Pratishthan addresses the problem of girls dropping out of school at puberty. As a result, the only option open to them is to work as domestic help, thus severely restricting their career growth and job security. Working in the Maval block of Pune district and Sangameshwar block of Ratnagiri district since 2012, Janvikas Pratishthan provides training to girls in nursing care. They provide a fully equipped residential facility to provide an uninterrupted educational environment.

This course has been approved by Government of Maharashtra (GOM) and Nehru Yuva Kendra (NYK), a subsidiary organization of Ministry of Human Resource Development (GOI) as well as the Maharashtra State Board of Vocational Education. Upon completion of the course, they sit for exams conducted by MSBVE and receive a government-recognized certificate that makes them eligible for jobs in the public as well as private sector.