2019 India Flood Relief

If you have any questions regarding your donations please send e-mail to treasurer@maharashtrafoundation.org

Click here for a video on the work being done by Rugna Seva Prakalp.

Maharashtra Foundation is launching 2019 Monsoon Flood Relief Fund to aid the victims and help rebuild communities hard hit by the recent monsoon floods. We appeal to our donor base to donate generously to the fund and help people and communities recover.

Five states severely affected – thousands displaced – lives disrupted – death toll in hundreds – relief and rebuilding assistance needed

Maharashtra Foundation will partner with multiple local NGOs to effectively respond to the flood situation.

Maharashtra Foundation’s approach in responding to disaster situations is to provide some support in relief efforts, but maximum support in rebuilding efforts which ensures long term benefit to the people and communities.

There are typically three phases to disaster response. Phase 1 is delivering immediate response and focuses on rescuing victims and bringing them to safe place where immediate support is available to alleviate any life-threatening situations. Phase 1 is focused on minimizing loss of life and the effect within the disaster affected community. This phase is best handled by onsite resources which are typically provided/subsidized by the government and local organizations with expertise in rescue efforts.

Phase 2 focused on providing support and relief efforts begins simultaneously with phase 1 as victims are recused. In phase 2 primary focus is providing food, shelter, clothing, medications, relief kits and other necessities to the victims. External funding is typically required for this phase. The government provides some resources, but the people in the community and NGOs become some of the prominent resources and leaders in this phase. Part of the funds raised by Maharashtra Foundation are used for phase 2 support.

We have sent some relief funds to NGO Rugna Seva Prakalp (www.rugnasevaprakalp.org) and Halo Medical Foundation providing phase 2- mid-term response to affected communities in Sangli/Kolhapur area.

Phase 3 is the longest and is the most capital intensive in comparison of the three. This phase begins as soon as the disaster area is cleared and a pathway to redevelopment is available. However, there is no specific end date for phase 3. The progress in phase 3 is dependent on capital availability, resource availability, and various other factors including availability of know-how, resources, and skills to prevent and effectively respond to such situations in the future. This is where Maharashtra Foundation provides maximum support. We believe that simply aiding in rebuilding does not help. But, educating people about the causes and providing them with the education and knowledge to prevent and respond to such situation introduces a long-term sustainable impact.

We partner with local NGOs and provide them funding to help rebuild the community. Currently, we are monitoring and discussing the flood situation with our NGO contacts and experts in India. We will identify specific NGOs in due time and direct phase 3 rebuilding funding to them.

This approach is proven as we have provided aid and successfully contributed to rebuilding efforts to multiple natural disasters in the past.

Finally, we would like to remind and assure our donors that Maharashtra Foundation will only disburse funds to eligible and compliant NGOs with valid FCRA and 80G certification.