The villagers, local NGO Rudya, and Maharashtra Foundation came together and decided to build a water reservoir. All required permissions were obtained from the local government bodies. The villagers contributed to the effort by doing the groundwork. They were paid under rojgar hami yojana.

The water reservoir is expected to provide several significant benefits to a Mutnur:

    1. Agriculture: Mutnur people rely on agriculture for their livelihoods. A water reservoir allows for the controlled release of water, enabling farmers to irrigate their crops year-round. This can lead to increased agricultural productivity, better crop yields, and reduced vulnerability to droughts.
    2. Livestock: Mutnur’s livestock will also benefit from the water reservoir. It will ensure a consistent supply of water for animals, which is essential for their health and well-being.
    3. Economic Opportunities: Improved access to water can open up economic opportunities for the community. Villagers can engage in activities such as fisheries
    4. Drought Mitigation: During periods of drought or water scarcity, a well-maintained reservoir can serve as a strategic reserve of water. It can be used to support the community until water sources are replenished.
    5. Mutnur Village Development Committee (VDC) will be responsible for the maintenance, proper water management practices, and equitable distribution of water resources.