As the world was looking forward to a new year, we were challenged by the most devastating pandemic of our times; Covid 19 caused by the novel coronavirus Sars -Cov-2.

This virus not only put our most vulnerable population at risk but it also challenged the overall support structure of our socioeconomic wellbeing.

Within the US, New York and New Jersey were the most affected states. The governments of both states were struggling to keep up with the spread of the disease and also ensuring that the affected patients received the care and attention they deserved. All frontline workers and health care providers were struggling to keep up with the pandemic.

Dedicated to social and economic causes, Maharashtra Foundation decided to raise funds through a Covid-19 relief drive in association with Bruhan Maharashtra Mandal (BMM). The board of MF also decided to donate $10,000 to the NYC Mayor’s emergency Relief Fund and $7,000 to NJ based Relief Fund.

As the demand for help is still very high in terms of funds, support to food banks and PPE, please continue to help to this cause.