Financial Contribution

Celebrate happy occasions and honor memories of loved ones by donating to Maharashtra Foundation. Through this you will help to change the life of a person in need and at the same time honor a beloved.

Here is some information you need when you wish to send donation to an NGO in India through Maharashtra Foundation.

  • Indian charities must have an FCRA certificate. Please click here to verify whether the NGO of your choice has an FCRA. If the NGO does not have FCRA, Maharashtra Foundation will not be able to send your donation.

You can send donation in various ways:

  • Donate by check: Please make check payable to Maharashtra Foundation and mail to Maharashtra Foundation P.O. Box 2287, Church Street Station, New York, NY 10008-2287. Each donation check must be accompanied by a properly completed MF pledge card that indicates the name of the NGO/project and amount. If you have filled the pledge card in the paper form in one of the MF fundraisers, your name on the check will be matched to it. Else, you may choose to write a note indicating the NGOs you would like to donate along with your check.
  • Donate ONLINE
  • Donate while Shopping: Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charitable organization of your choice. Learn more
  • Gift of Securities: Some donors prefer to use appreciated stocks instead of a personal check. This kind of donation is advantageous to the donors, as they can save the capital gains taxes at both federal and state level. The donors have to authorize the broker to transfer the securities to Maharashtra Foundation. For complete procedures and more details please contact us. Click here for Procedure of MF – donation for securities. If you have any questions regarding your donations please send e-mail to
  • Wire Transfer into MF Bank Account: For details, contact MF Treasurer, by email to:

There are several other ways to make donations to the Foundation.

  • Matching Gifts: Many corporations match or multiply their employee’s gifts to a charitable organization. Please ask whether your employer or your spouse’s employer participates in such a program. If such cases, you have to follow some formalities in your company, complete some form and send it to the Foundation. We then complete the form after we receive your donation and forward it to your employer for their matching gift.
  • Contributions to United Way Maharashtra Foundation (MF) is registered with United Way. If you are making a payroll deduction for contribution to United Way, you can designate Maharashtra Foundation as your choice organization for your donation. Some corporations match employee’s contribution.
    MF Tax ID : 22-2213611
    United Way Agency Code : 11675

Note : Donations to Maharashtra Foundation by persons from outside USA. If a person residing outside USA has income in US dollars then donations to MF are tax deductible.