Maharashtra Foundation held it’s Youth Day event at Modern College, Pune

Maharashtra Foundation’s vision is to bring social transformation to modern India through basic education, science, health care, empowering women and masses in general. And in this process, we always wanted to engage and empower more youth from both U. S. and India in the process. The next decade is going to be dominated by youth power of India and the whole world will be watching this with great hope and aspirations.

In view of this Maharashtra Foundation launched a series of programs’ ‘youth day’ targeted towards youth, to enrich them, inspire them, and give direction to their ideas regarding choosing career, social responsibility, facing modern challenges through innovation, education, technology and positive value systems.

The 2017, youth day theme was ‘PudheJanyasathi, Mage Valun Pahatana’, and the distinguished participants were Dr. Anil Avachat, Dr. Abhay Bang and Dr.Anand Nadkarni. This dialogue was conducted by Dr. Vivek Sawant.

The 2018, youth day the theme was ‘Teen Prashaskiya Adhikari’ hosted by famous journalist Nikhil Wagale, and the three administrative officers were Dyaneshwar Mulye (IFS), Mahesh Bhagwat (IPS) and Prerana Deshbhartar (IAS).

Both these programs were immensely successful with standing room only. The media reviews were fantastic, and work of Maharashtra Foundation was very well appreciated by both, the media and the public in general. These presentations are available on YouTube.

Following its prior success, Maharashtra Foundation sponsored another such youth program this year, on March 9, 2019, under the theme ‘Influence of Cinema on youth and role of Marathi Cinema in influencing social changes.’  We were fortunate to have Dr. Anand Nadkarni an eminent social psychiatrist, author of over 18 bestsellers, and renowned host on television to plan and host the program. The four panelists in this year program were, Sumitra Bhave (Doghi, Devrai, Astu, Dahvi F & Dithi), Varun Narvekar (Muramba), Umesh Kulkarni (Vihir, Deul, Valu) and Sameer Vidwans (Double seat, YZ, Time Please, Anandi Gopal, Classmate, Mala Kahi Problem Nahi).

Dr. Anand Nadkarni planned the whole presentation painstakingly and proactively and used clips from the first evermade movie in the world to start the conversation between, and get comments from distinguished panel members. Some of the clips shown were from movies Gandhi, Sholay, and Rutvik Ghatak (Suvarna Rekha), Bandini etc. Additional clips were shown from movies selected by panelists. The conversation and experience was both engaging and hilarious.

The discussions amongst the panel was honest, friendly, and also critical and positive with some witty remarks, which most certainly influenced the audience and entertained them.

It was discussed that how a 2-3 minute shot in the films can make everlasting impact on human mind and sometimes give a positive direction to life.