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There are two important facets to becoming member of Maharashtra Foundation. First, it shows your loyalty and continued support to the Foundation. And secondly, Maharashtra Foundation is an organization that is founded by people like you who have the desire to help the “not so fortunate” in our country. Foundation supports the organizations which work at grass root level for the upliftment of the downtrodden. By becoming member, your membership contribution helps Foundation’s Endowment fund to grow. In effect, Foundation becomes financially strong with your membership.

You can become a Benefactor, a Patron, a Life member or Annual member by contribution $5000, $1000, $500 or $20 respectively to the Foundation’s Endowment Fund. Another benefit is that if you become Benefactor, Patron or Life member, then the 5% administrative charge is waived off from your donation. 

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Become a Volunteer

As a volunteer organization, Maharashtra Foundation is proud in keeping costs down to an absolute minimum. This way almost every dollar donated goes to the end beneficiary. To achieve this, Foundation needs help.  There are volunteer opportunities for those interested in getting involved. Please donate time for the Foundation work. After getting aligned with the MF Board of Directors and contributing your time and knowledge; for the right candidates; there will be opportunity to serve on the MF Board of Directors.

MF is always looking for volunteers who can be the state representatives, who can help in organizing fundraisers in various cities in the North America. You can come up with a proposal to organize a fundraiser along with a cultural program or with a festive celebration and help to generate funds for good causes.

If interested in helping and sharing work in any of the foundation activities or other services, please contact us for more information.

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Spread the Word

Maharashtra Foundation welcomes every individual from all over the country who wish to help promote Foundation’s causes and projects and further Foundation’s mission. You can talk to your friends and encourage them to visit our website. You can send their names and addresses so that we can add them to our mailing list so that they are updated about the upcoming events via MF newsletters.

MF encourages people who can help to explore new ideas and projects for involvement. If you know people working hard to run an NGO in the areas of Poverty Reduction, Healthcare Provision, Women’s empowerment, Education, Environment Protection anywhere in India or anywhere in the world, please help those NGOs to apply for MF grant. Many of the people working at the grassroot level do not have the technical skills to fill an application form in English. You can help MF as well as the beneficiary organization by donating your time for this effort.

You can encourage youth to create a small project to help the people in need in their circles and become MF Youth volunteer. This helps not only to sow the seeds in the minds of the youth to create a sense to give back to the society, but also helps in overall personality development.

Please contact us for more information.